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Groups- 30 mL

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For an evening with friends, a bachelor party, a birthday...

From 5 to 10 people, live in group a festive and perfumed moment.

Smell, then choose your favorite fragrances among the 180 exclusive notes of our perfume organ, and leave with your custom creations of 30 mL.

A personalized diploma on the theme of the evening can be provided on request.

The perfumer will be at your disposal to guide you and share his expertise.

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Live an exclusive moment with your friends

Creation of a 30 ml perfume per person

Duration: 1h30-2h

Perfume formula containing around 16 notes

The appointment is directly confirmed after the purchase

Our packaging are suitable with the flight requirements

  • Volume 30 ml
  • Durée 1h30 - 2h
  • Concentration Eau de Parfum