To celebrate World Perfume Day,
experience a whirlwind of intense emotions with Darius

Le Studio des Parfums is sponsoring the moving play Darius. 

Inspired by a true story, and based on the book by Jean-Benoît Patricot, this piece is orchestrated by André Nerman

This divine show tells the story of a most memorable olfactory journey.

Synopsis: an exceptional epic

Claire asks Paul, a perfume virtuoso, to help her. She entrusts him with an almost impossible mission: to offer her son Darius the transcendent experience of travel. Their secret weapon? That delicate, vibrant, almost intangible essence described by Marcel Proust: perfume.

Darius is much more than an ordinary play. It's a captivating sensory journey that takes you into a world of dreams and intense emotions. 

Darius: a theatrical masterpiece

At the heart of this story is the infinite bond of love between a mother and her son. A relationship so deep and moving, it will resonate with you long after the curtain has fallen.

Reserve your place for this experience now and prepare to be transported into a world of dreams and enchanting fragrances.

Witness a true theatrical masterpiece: 

From March 6 to April 28, 2024

At the famous Théâtre Lucernaire (75006 – Paris)

Séances du mardi au samedi à 21h et 17h30 le dimanche

le studio des parfums sponsorise la piece de theatre darius
Take advantage of our partner rate at 20€ instead of €30 for all performances until April 28, 2024, subject to availability*.
Book with promotional code " SDP3 " and on "web / full price" selection.
*If the promotional code cannot be applied, the quota has been reached.

To extend this enchantment, discover our exclusive options

Darius book -
J-B. Patricot

To (re)live this experience of pure emotion, receive the book "Darius" written by Jean Benoît Patricot (limited edition). An olfactory masterpiece that will immerse you in the olfactory memories of this play.


Darius perfume samples

Le Studio des Parfums has created two fragrant interpretations, born from the very essence of the play. "Le Voyage de Darius" and "Le Rêve de Darius" capture the spirit of this dreamlike adventure. 

On sale in 10ml format.

16€ (28€ for both)


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