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The term layering in perfumery

qu est ce que le layering en parfumerie

The "layering" in perfumery offers an innovative approach to creating unique, personalized olfactory compositions. This very much in vogue olfactory trend is totally in line with the desires of perfume lovers in search of individuality and made-to-measure. 

qu est ce que le layering en parfumerie

What is layering in perfumery? 

The layering is the blending of several perfumes to create a totally original fragrance. By combining different notes and accords, perfume lovers can truly express their own olfactory identity and satisfy their most intimate desires.

How to use layering ?
The practice of layering in perfumery requires a certain finesse and knowledge of olfactory notes.

Here are a few tips to get you started: 

Understanding olfactory notes 

Familiarize yourself with the different olfactory families: floral, woody, chypre, etc. 

Find out more: The 7 fragrance families - Le Studio des Parfums (

Choosing fragrances 

Select notes that work well together. Choose fragrances with similar or complementary accords. 

Apply in order

To achieve the perfect balance, start with the lightest fragrance and then move on to the richer, deeper notes. This will allow the fragrance to evolve harmoniously throughout the day. 

Test and adjust

Experiment with different pairings to discover THE combination that best suits your mood and desires. 

The benefits of layering in perfumery

The layering in perfumery offers a number of advantages, including

  • Personal expression it is a place where enthusiasts can express their desires and desires through the world of perfumery.
  • Customization this is the opportunity for individuals to create a fragrance that reflects who they are.
  • Creativity stimulates creativity by encouraging the exploration of new olfactory combinations and harmonies.
  • Durability by layering several fragrances, notes last longer, especially if base notes are added.
le layering en parfumerie

In conclusion, the layering in perfumery represents an innovative, tailor-made approach to the art of fragrance. By exploring different fragrance combinations, perfume lovers can explore a new facet of personal expression and create unique olfactory compositions.

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