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Le Studio des Parfums draws its inspiration from the emotions and richness of exchange with its customers around the world. It sets itself apart with its boundless creations, offering fragrances like nowhere else. This is made possible by an exceptional tool: our perfume organ, composed of over 100 high-quality notes. Designed in-house by our perfumers and manufactured in Grasse.

We have two teams: the laboratory perfumers and our professional animators. All our staff are fluent in French and English, and other languages are of course available on request..

Likewise, our animators come from the "Parfum" circuit and have been trained in our different working methods, for greater conviviality and quality.

creer son parfum sur mesure a paris

Adaptability at the heart of our business

We adapt to all your wishes and adjust our animations according to a requested theme or a specific duration. Flexible and dynamic, the Studio des Parfums team can also come to your premises or to a site selected by you in advance. Don't hesitate to consult us, even for projects that seem complex. Our extensive experience over the past 18 years enables us to advise our customers pragmatically. All notes are in Eau de parfum (10-12%), but we can also offer more intense or lighter notes, as you prefer. 

Que vous souhaitiez inviter vos collaborateurs pour une formation ou un “team building” ou plutôt organiser une fête ou un lancement, nous saurons répondre favorablement à vos attentes. 

A full range of scent and flavor activities

Over the past 18 years, we have developed our offering. We have created a in-house laboratory with international collaborators to adapt to your needs. Keeping as close to the market as possible, or rediscovering older scents, is part of the Studio's DNA. We have developed a flavors and aromas department. This enables us to adapt our know-how to different formats to meet your specific objectives. 


Divided into base notes, heart notes and top notes, the 100 notes that make up our perfume organ provide a complete experience of customized perfume creation, whatever the identity or expectations of your teams. Our design department has developed a range of boxes, all adapted to your needs.

For a more accessible sensory experience, choose our elegant boxed organ. After unraveling a silk ribbon, you'll discover the 30 iconic notes presented in attractive bottles, guaranteed success!

Or choose a box of 18 notes for an even more invigorating experience. This box can be totally adapted to your wishes with the creation of specific notes developed for you by our laboratory. The Studio des Parfums offers you a unique and creative audacity to create your own customized perfume.

A team experience: a collective perfume or an individual creation, you'll experience the art of Made-to-Measure!

orgue a parfum
bougie 100% naturelle et made in france


Our laboratory has developed a vegetable wax easy to use and smokeless. Choose from our 30 notes, you will find all the fragrances you need to create a candle or home fragrance for a cozy moment by the fire or the sea. For more inspiration, you can ask us for your own notes, which will be made to measure by our laboratory. 

Candles or home fragrances, dare to customize for a unique experience or olfactory signature.


A unique experiment begun 8 years ago, the creation of a champagne conceived by the association of a winemaker and a perfumer. The creators of this precious beverage have selected a chardonnay varietya precious "blanc de blanc". The tasting of this champagne will be guided and illustrated by the perfumer. The palate and the nose are intimately linked. Let yourself be carried away by an enchanted carousel of bubbles, created like a perfume.

champagne le studio des parfums
matieres premieres naturelles


New for the past few months, in addition to our experience in custom perfume creation, we are now able to offer aroma discovery animations. A refined olfacto-aromatic sensory experience that will awaken your senses and stimulate your creativity.

During these workshops, you will be invited on a gustatory and olfactory journey, guided by our experts. passion-nez. Discover the secrets of aromas, learn to recognize them and associate them to their true value. Thanks to captivating demonstrations and sublime tastings, you'll develop a new sensitivity to flavors and fragrances, enriching your professional expertise.

We've integrated this rare skill into our in-house laboratory, so we are ready to listen to you and create customized flavors.

Whether you're a group of curious amateurs or a specialist company, our "Parfum d'arôme" workshops will arouse your curiosity and broaden your sensory horizons. Create your own flavored fizzy drink, a customized yogurt or the kir of your dreams. Treat your colleagues to an enchanted interlude, where the art of tasting and creation are combined with elegance and refinement.


Le Studio des Parfums has a number of innovations to guarantee you the best expérience des plus sur-mesure.

Thanks to a 360° customized service From laser cutting and crimping to 3D printing, photo studio and packaging, our team can offer you a unique customization service.


In addition to choosing your own fragrance notes, you can give your perfume a name. Our Design team can create a customized label for you, featuring your logo, company name or event. 

Each participant will have a strong memory of this unifying moment spent as a team.

service de customisation au studio des parfums
ecran boutique personnalisable


Besides, our creative space is equipped with several reception screens, which can be customized with your company logo. This makes for an even warmer welcome for your team. 


For companies opting for the "organ in case" option, the case can be customized with your brand logo. Each of our cases contains a customizable window. Our design team can therefore create a visual containing your logo, brand or baseline. You can also choose the color of the box: black, blue or white. 

All these elements are available to enhance your experience and share a wonderful moment with your colleagues.

kit pour creer son parfum paris

our added value

laboratoire parisien


Imagine a note that reflects the identity and values of your brand universe. 

You can personalize your event, and we'll help you do it!

Le Studio des Parfums can develop a scented note to be included in the boxes or perfume organs offered at your event. This note will be developed in advance by our in-house laboratory, especially for your event. The entire team can then incorporate this emblematic note into their personalized perfume.



To make your experience even more pleasant, we can organize a welcome cocktail for your colleagues (champagne or soft drinks), and welcome you afterwards with an aperitif selected by you in advance. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the form (below) or by e-mail :

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Different options

The Studio invites you to discover our exclusive options: gift vouchers, ribbons, diplomas, bottles, etc.

They have placed their trust in us

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