"La Rose" Formulation Set


Discover our perfume formulation box, entirely dedicated to La Rose.

This exclusive box allows you to enjoy a private experience in your own home.

Slip into the shoes of a perfumer and, with the help of the 18 raw materials included, create your own tailor-made perfume with a rose base.

With this formulation kit, you can create a multitude of roses, thanks to the samples provided and your accompanying guide.


You are not in Paris and want to experience the many facets of French Perfumery?

Our formulation team has created just for you a formulation box that will allow you to discover the queen of flowers: The Rose.

You will understand and apprehend the composition of this majestic flower from the finest ingredients of French Haute Parfumerie. Discover the magic of creation, right at home.

You will find the following things in the creation kit:

  • 18 exclusive notes created by our perfumers
  • 6 empty creation bottles
  • 6 customizable labels
  • 1 travel spray (10ml)
  • A blotter
  • 6 creation forms

This perfume creation kit provides you with all the elements you need to create a made-to-measure perfume to suit your tastes. Your final fragrance will be poured into the 10ml spray bottle. If you'd like to recommend your perfume in a larger format, you'll find a small note in your box with a discount code, which will give you a 10% discount on all recommendations. So that we can recreate your perfume in a larger format, please send us your completed creation form.

Our kit are designed to be used at home by yourself. But if you wish to get accompanied by our perfumers, you can check the option “Private online accompaniment” or “Mini-group online accompaniment”. This will allow you to have a video conversation with one of our perfumers. This option can be availed only on weekdays where you will be accompanied by our perfumer to help you and guide through the creative process and make you a tailor-made perfume.

Informations complémentaires

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 23,5 × 16,7 × 10 cm

Know more

  • International delivery available
  • Once the order has been placed, you have 14 days from the order date to make your refund request. Please send your refund request to the email address: accueil@sdp-paris.com. You need to make a request before 14 days to get it considered.
  • The perfume creation kit will provide you with all the necessary elements to create your custom perfume at your home. Once you've crafted your final creation, transfer it into a 10ml spray bottle for immediate use. If you desire a larger volume, look for a special note in your kit containing a 10% discount code to order a larger volume of your creation. For that, share your completed creation sheet with us, and we'll happily create and deliver it to you.

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