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Founded over thirteen years ago, Le Studio des Parfums is a jewel of perfume creation.

In partnership with Galimard, the oldest perfumer in France, based in Grasse in 1747, Le Studio provides the future designer with a perfume organ made up of more than 180 new scents, with rare ingredients afin de réaliser des fragrances à chaque fois uniques…

A tailor-made and personalized perfume.

Through an artisanal and authentic concept that has attracted an ever more international and daring clientele, Our tailor-made creation workshop is differentiated by individual support for a real desire for creation without limits, like a real return to the Belle Époque of the perfumery, between tradition and modernity.

Throughout the perfume workshop, a perfumer adviser establishes your olfactory profile with you, supports you in your creation and helps you find the perfect match.

At Studio des Parfums, what matters is you and what you love.

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Why create your own perfume?

Who has never dreamed of a personal and exclusive scent? Made by you and just for you! Did you know that all the notes chosen echo hidden facets of your personality ... because through the perfume, we (re) discover ourselves. Imagine a fragrance that turns all codes upside down, unlike any other, and which stands out subtly from the eau de parfum currently present on the classic market ... often too sweet or lacking in personality. 

The Studio des Parfums provides you with quality ingredients from Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, as well as real perfumer equipment (bottles of scented bases equipped with pipettes, beakers, test tubes, wipes ...) in order to make a signature essence; accompanied by cornres parfumeurs, telle une seconde peau.

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Un voyage olfactif guidé par un parfumeur de génie pour inventer son propre parfum en découvrant 180 essences et en construisant avec lui une fragrance unique. Une soirée d’exception qui se termine avec une découverte gustative d’un Champagne étonnant. Un moment exceptionnel de partage, d’apprentissage et de révélations. Merci !

Very much fun and interesting! Great team, guiding me to create my very own perfume and explaining how it is structured and why! Thanks again!

Highly recommend! Sophie was amazing, she helped me make a gorgeous perfume which I will be re-ordering! Book this now, can’t recommend highly enough!

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Perfume creation workshop to create a perfume. Like a first journey through the world of perfumery, this workshop will be the chance for your guest to discover the world of scents.

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