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Five undeniable advantages of tailor-made perfume

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Are you passionate about the world of fragrance but tired of sharing your personal scent with others? Do you aspire to create an essence that mirrors your soul? Then why not turn to a bespoke fragrance for your next purchase? 

In this article, we'll take a look at five reasons why creating your own scent trail could be the most rewarding olfactory experience you'll ever have.

What is a bespoke perfume?

What is a bespoke perfume?

A cutom-made perfume is a fragrance created by you, according to your desires. It's a unique creation that captures the deepest essence of your being, and one that you create in our workshops with an expert perfumer.

Custom-made: An exceptional fragrance that tells your story

A tailor-made perfume is created especially for you, which means that it will be totally original and unique. You won't find the same fragrance worn by someone else, meaning you can have your own distinctive scent signature.

During the workshop, accompanied by a perfumer's expertise, you'll choose several scents according to your tastes and preferences. The perfumer will then harmonize the selected scents. It could be the scent of a loved one or a childhood memory.

Custom perfumes are unique because they're created according to your preferences, not trends. They are more original and personalized for you. They become an extension of your personality, setting you apart from thousands of others.

Ingredients selected for quality and respect for the environment

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For the creation of your customized perfume, several notes are proposed to enable you to achieve an intense emotion. In today's perfume industry, essences are produced from both natural and synthetic ingredients.

At Studio des Parfums, we are committed to customer satisfaction. That's why we favor the use of natural ingredients from sustainable and ecological sources. What's more, we use natural alcohol, which makes up 90% of our fragrances.

We select our ingredients from Grasse and create our notes in our in-house laboratory in Paris, in compliance with the most rigorous standards in the perfume industry.

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The fragrance you desire 

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With a made-to-measure perfume, you have total control over the creation of your fragrance. Customize every aspect of your fragrance, from top notes to base notes, to match your olfactory personality.

As well as creating your own juice, you can also choose the bottle and write a message on it. Your message can refer to an olfactory craving, your first name, a loved one and many more.

At Le Studio des Parfums, we offer various options for personalizing your perfume. You can choose a personalized ribbon, travel sprays, Murano glass bottles or even earn a perfumer's apprentice diploma.

A fascinating sensory experience to discover

Creating a custom fragrance is a unique sensory experience. Like a captivating journey, each step reveals new nuances and inspirations, taking you to fascinating olfactory destinations.

Imagine yourself in a lush garden, where each flower reveals its own unique fragrance. Let these enchanting scents embrace you, transporting you to a state of well-being and satisfaction. With your tailor-made creation in hand, you leave with a bright smile, ready to let your personal essence shine through every moment.

Parfum sur mesure

Expression of identity 

Parfum sur mesure

In the end, choosing a made-to-measure perfume allows you to fully express your personality.

You like bright colors and prefer fresh fruit juices. You're likely to love fresh floral scents such as lily of the valley, lilac, freesia or peony. Your fragrance becomes an authentic extension of your style and personality. Why not consider a made-to-measure fragrance for your next purchase?

If you've been seduced by the magic of custom-made perfume, you can book your creation workshop with us by clicking here. link.

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