“Nez à Nez”


Let yourself be seduced by this private workshop where you can create your own tailor-made perfumes. As a duo, enjoy an evening of "Nose to Nose" with our perfumer. Discover the magical world of perfumery and leave with your own 2 eaux de parfum. 50ml.


This private workshop begins with an interactive introduction to the world of perfumery by our passionate perfumers at 7pm. You will then smell the many notes proposed by Le Studio des Parfums: base notes, heart notes and top notes, making up the olfactory pyramid. Throughout the experience, you'll benefit from the expert advice and know-how of our perfumers, who will guide you in the dosage and harmony of your fragrance. At the end of this experience, you'll leave with 2 tailor-made perfumes, presented in a beautiful 50ml bottle: the eternal symbol of this journey to the heart of French perfumery.

More information

  • The workshops are conducted in French and English.
  • Private workshop
  • Workshop from Monday to Friday at 7pm
  • Duration of the worksop: 2 hours
  • To ensure everyone's comfort, Le Studio des Parfums does not accept delays of more than 15 minutes.
  • Accompanying persons are not allowed (with some exceptions)
  • Option to offer this workshop to as a personalised gift
  • Following the workshop, a creation number will be assigned to your perfume. It will allow you to reorder your fragrance
  • All our compositions comply with the regulations in place
  • Additional options are available to enhance your olfactory experience


  • Reservations for the workshops that are scheduled on weekdays are movable up to 48 hours before the actual date. Reservations for the workshops on weekends and holidays are neither cancellable nor movable unless there is a valid justifiable reason.
  • Once the order has been placed, you have 14 days from the order date to make your refund request. Please send your refund request to the email address: accueil@sdp-paris.com. You need to make a request before 14 days to get it considered.

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