Gift Voucher - "Escapade en famille" Workshop


Do you want to give your loved one a special, engaging, and fun experience? At the Studio des Parfums, we give you the opportunity to introduce your loved one to the captivating experience of crafting their own perfume.

This mini group creation workshop will allow your loved one to become familiar with the world of perfumery and discover scents.

At the end, your guest will take home a 50ml custom perfume made by them which resembles their personality.


Immerse your guests in the process of discovering the different stages of creating a perfume. Guided by our expert perfumers-Nez within a mini group your guests will discover the world of perfumery and experience the art of perfume making.
The workshop will begin with an introduction to the world of perfumery by our passionate perfumers.
Your guest will then experience the scent of the different notes offered by Le Studio des Parfums in the different categories of base notes, heart notes and top notes.
With their knowledge and passion our perfumers will guide and help your guest throughout the process of creating a custom perfume.
At the end of this experience, your guests will have your tailor-made perfume, presented in a pretty bottle of 30ml (adults) and 10ml (children - aged between 6 and 12 years) – an eternal journey to the heart of French perfumery.

More information

  • The workshops are conducted in French and English.
  • Mini-group workshop (6-8 participants max)
  • Duration of the workshop: 1h45 - 2h
  • Accompanying persons are not allowed (with some exceptions)
  • Option to offer this workshop to as a personalised gift
  • Following the workshop, a creation number will be assigned to your perfume. It will allow you to reorder your fragrance.
  • All our compositions comply with the regulations in place
  • Additional options are available to enhance your olfactory experience


  • Reservations for the workshops that are scheduled on weekdays are movable up to 48 hours before the actual date. Reservations for the workshops on weekends and holidays are neither cancellable nor movable unless there is a valid justifiable reason.   
  • Once the order has been placed, you have 14 days from the order date to make your refund request. Please send your refund request to the email address: [email protected]. You need to make a request before 14 days to get it considered.

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