Different smell disorders

Les troubles de l'odorat

In this blog article, we will explore various olfactory disorders. Since the Covid-19 crisis, many individuals have experienced a loss of this sense. While some have regained it, others have not. Other disorders can be linked to the sense of smell, and they can be either permanent or temporary in nature.

Les troubles de l'odorat

Hyposmia and Anosmia

Firstly, there ishyposmie. which refers to a reduced sense of smell. Numerous tests are conducted by professionals to try to address this disorder.

Secondly, isanosmie is more disruptive in daily life, , as it involves a complete loss of the sense of smell. This disorder can be dangerous because smells like gas or smoke, for example, are no longer detectable. 

Parosmia and Cacosmia

Let's now discuss parosmia which is a disorder where you perceive a smell that doesn't correspond to the actual stimulation. In other words, you smell an odor that is actually incorrect. Generally, this odor is unpleasant.

The cacosmia is related to parosmia. This disturbance refers to experiencing a bad smell persistently. 

Les troubles de l'odorat
Les troubles de l'odorat


Lastly, there is phantosmia (also known as olfactory hallucination). This disturbance involves smelling an odor that others cannot perceive. 

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