The city of Grasse plays in perfect balance with local resources and trades, allowing it to make perfumery its main economy. Originally specialized in tanning, Grasse, in the 17th and 18th centuries, is really in the trend of scented leathers; first the gloves, then the belts, purses, scented fans … and many other accessories to make always more elegant.

It is also essential today, as a reference in the world of scents, including its very famous production of Grasse rose (the famous Centifolia rose), and jasmine.

The expertise of Grasse linked to the world of perfumery has allowed to radiate the image of France and the finest luxury, internationally, thanks to the learned and traditional techniques used by perfumers …

Hand picking, production of raw materials, distillations or enfleurages … all the techniques are mastered, and this, always, by the Nez de Grasse … contributing to its splendid reputation 

The city attracts a lot of tourists, mostly of American nationality, passionate about scents and scents, or nature lovers, who can also complete their stay with the creation of their own eau de parfum, in the narrow and typical streets of the city. Grasse. 

These new openings for Grasse, allowed a real development of local perfumeries, such as Fragonard, Molinard or the well-known house; Galimard. 

Le Studio des Parfums est partenaire avec Galimard depuis plus de 13 ans dans la haute parfumerie française.

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