A perfume creation workshop: the ideal gift

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With special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries approaching, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge. If you're looking for an original gift idea that's sure to please, why not opt for an experience that combines luxury, creativity and an incomparable personal touch? Offering a perfume creation workshop at Studio des Parfums goes far beyond a simple gift: it's an invitation to explore the captivating world of fragrance and create something truly unique.

Personalization and uniqueness: A fragrance that reflects your image

Imagine offering your perfume-loving friend the opportunity to design his or her own fragrance water, guided by an expert perfumer. It's the promise of a tailor-made experience, where each olfactory note chosen reveals an aspect of one's personality. Even for those who think they already know everything there is to know about fragrance, this workshop offers a new depth: that of being able not only to appreciate, but also to create and discover oneself. It's a unique opportunity to transform the love of fragrance into a personal and emotional artistic expression.

Personalization and uniqueness: A fragrance that reflects your image
orgue a parfum du studio des parfums

Enriching sensory exploration: Discover the subtleties of fragrance

Even for those who don't normally wear perfume, taking part in this workshop can be a revelation. It's a total immersion in a sensory universe where every note becomes a discovery in itself. This journey enriches our understanding and appreciation of olfactory subtleties. It's an experience that can turn even the most skeptical into enthusiasts, revealing the importance and power of fragrance in our daily lives.

Why not share the moment together?

And why not make this experience even more special by sharing it with someone else? Offering a perfume creation workshop is a unique opportunity to share a special moment with a loved one. Creating tailor-made fragrances together creates memories that go far beyond the simple act of creation: it's a moment of intimacy and complicity that strengthens emotional bonds. Whether it's for Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other special occasion, sharing this experience adds an extra dimension to the perfume creation experience.

Atelier de parfum en duo

Workshops at the Studio des Parfums :

At Studio des Parfums, we offer a selection of perfume creation workshops to suit all tastes:

DUO PASSION workshop : An intense sensory immersion to create fragrances that reflect your shared passion.

Family Escapade workshop : A fun and educational experience to discover the world of fragrances together.

Escapade Olfactive, Perfumed Creation and Perfumed Discovery : Workshops to explore and design fragrances according to your preferences and curiosities.

Nose to Nose and "Masterclass" Workshop : For perfume enthusiasts wishing to deepen their knowledge and create compositions like real perfumers.

All our workshops are available as gift vouchers, valid for 1 year, in digital or printed versions, allowing you to choose the time that suits you best for this unique experience.

In short, the gift of a perfume creation workshop is much more than just a fragrance: it's a window onto a world of sensory and creative possibilities, to be shared by two to strengthen bonds and create precious moments together. If you'd like to find a gift idea that's sure to please, visit our pages "Give a gift voucher and "Create your own perfume to book your experience today.

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