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la famille olfactive des aromatiques

The 7 fragrance families

There are primarily 7 fragrance families, based on their direction and distinct character. These fragrance families are axes along which they can be classified, complemented by specific olfactory facets...

muguet fleur muette

Lily of the valley, the delicacy

Originating from China, Lily of the Valley in May symbolizes the return of beautiful days, as well as the return of happiness in the language of flowers. It is given on May 1st for Labor Day celebrations...

recharge de parfum

Current fragrances

CONTEMPORARY FRAGRANCES In today's world, while perfume remains a true luxury item, it also maintains an accessible dimension, now within reach for everyone. Whether used for hygiene, like Eaux...

origine du parfum

Around the perfume

Since ancient times, fragrance has held great significance in the natural world and the daily lives of people. The term "perfume" actually comes from "per fume," which means "through smoke," referring to the process of extracting essences...

Grasse capitale mondiale du parfum

Grasse, world capital of perfume

Located 12 kilometers north of Cannes, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Southern Alps, the town of Grasse is a true cradle of scents. Its mild climate, conducive to cultivation...

formulation parfum

Manufacturing of a perfume

Creating a perfume involves numerous chemical and creative processes. Behind each fragrance lies a genuine artistic thought process. In essence, a perfume can be regarded as a true olfactory work of art. It's...

blog parfum

The peony, the absolute essence of romance.

A Mediterranean legend tells of a beautiful nymph named Paeonia who was so sought after by the gods that a jealous goddess transformed her into a flower with a thousand petals: the peony. Since then, this symbol of beauty has illuminated...

les 7 familles olfactives

The olfactory facets of a fragrance

THE ALDEHYDIC FACET Aldehydes are synthetic molecules found naturally in citrus zest. In a perfume, the aldehydic facet imparts a metallic aspect to the scent, with a clean and bright odor.

blog parfumerie

The Rise of Grasse

The city of Grasse maintains a perfect balance with its local resources and trades, enabling it to make perfumery its main economy. Originally specialized in tanning, Grasse, during the 17th and...

les emotions que suscitent le parfum

Emotion and Perfume

There's nothing more personal than the sense of smell. We all perceive smells in very different ways. The same scent can provoke two opposite reactions depending on the person smelling it. The sense of smell and



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