The rose in perfumery The rose has a mystical and elusive essence that poets, artists and perfumers have strived to capture through time. Roses are ubiquitous today and a main ingredient in perfumes created by master perfumers and perfume design companies. However, there are […]

Native to China, the Lily of the Valley symbolizes the return of sunny days, but also the return of happiness in the language of flowers. Offered on May 1 for Labor Day, it is used to celebrate the new season. Loaded with myths and symbols, this is the one we offer, and which announces […]

There are mainly 7 fragrance families, depending on their own direction and character. These fragrance families are axes according to which they can be classified, completed by particular olfactory facets that enrich the composition of a fragrance.  THE AROMATIC FAMILY The fragrances of the aromatic family are, as its name indicates, [...]

A true luxury item nowadays, perfume nevertheless retains an accessible dimension and is now within everyone's reach. Whether they are used for hygiene, like the Eaux de Cologne of the time, to spread a familiar and reassuring scent, or simply as an emblematic tool of seduction, fragrances are evolving, changing, and becoming more and more accessible.