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Tribute to Monique Rémy

hommage a Monique Remy fondatrice du laboratoire LMR

"A revolutionary woman in a man's world" is how the pioneer of natural ingredients in Grasse described herself, Monique Rémy

Since 2006, Le Studio des Parfums has been using around fifty raw materials from IFF-LMR Naturals to ensure the highest possible quality. 

We wanted to pay tribute to this great lady of olfaction, who passed away on Thursday 4 January 2024 in Grasse. We take a look back at her commitments, which left their mark on the 20th century perfume industry.

hommage a Monique Remy fondatrice du laboratoire LMR

Monique Rémy: a renowned perfumer

A native of Grasse, the world capital of perfume, Monique Rémy is an icon of the perfume industry, and of the world of industry such as Unilever. She has also had a career in the more intimate houses of Grasse. 

This enthusiast has carried out studies in her favourite field. From this passion was born the LMR (Monique Rémy laboratory), which she set up with her husband in 1983. 

The 80s and 90s were the preferred years for synthetic raw materials in perfumery, but the company has chosen to return to its roots by offering high-quality natural raw materials. Sustainable development and commitment are at the heart of its values. 

A laboratory that revolutionised the art of perfumery

This laboratory introduced a new method for analysing natural essences: chromatography.

This instrument, initially dedicated to analysis, has turned Monique Rémy's laboratory into a veritable olfactory libraryspecialises in the supply of natural raw materials. Particular attention is paid at every stage, from production in the field to delivery. The essences are carefully analysed and processed, in order to extract several qualities with nuanced olfactory characteristics. Its laboratory has become a benchmark. 

Thanks to her expertise and creativity, Monique Rémy has won numerous awards in the perfume industry. 

matieres premieres issues de grasse
laboratoire iff

Acquisition of the laboratory by IFF

In March 2000, IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) bought the LMR laboratory, which then became IFF-LMR Naturals. IFF is one of the world's leading flavour and fragrance companies. Known for its expertise in the art of creation, IFF works closely with a number of perfumers. This acquisition has enabled the laboratory to develop both its resources and its research and development, to the benefit of quality and stability. A quality that we have been committed to maintaining for more than 18 years, in order to offer you the best fragrance notes to compose your made-to-measure perfume.

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