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Spirits in perfumery

champagne blanc de blanc

Did you know that the world of spirits and perfumery are intimately linked? 

In this article, Le Studio des Parfums explains the synergy between these 2 worlds. 

Spirits are used to complement the perfumed notes, to better assimilate the blend and balance of the notes. Perfumers also use them for their warm character and enchanting. Spirits have unique olfactory properties. This is particularly the case with whisky and rum. They add a spicy, woody and warm nuance to the fragrances, creating a more captivating composition. Strong alcohols also contribute to the fragrance's staying power.  

Origins and history

The first drinks are thought to have appeared in China 7,000 BC. The term spirit comes from the Latin "spiritus” qui corresponds to distillation. Initially, this term referred to the soul of the alcoholic beverage 

Spirits fall into two broad categories: eaux de vie (based on alcoholic fermentation and maturation) and spirit drinks bitters, aniseed-flavoured drinks and flavoured drinks.

les spiritueux dans la parfumerie
parfum et spiritueux

Perfumers inspired by the world of spirits

Many perfumers have been inspired by the world of spirits.

Notably the famous Guerlain house, which has combined rum and vanilla in its perfume: "Spiritueuse double Vanille". But also Serge Lutens, the revolutionary of the perfume world, with his perfume: "La Vie de Fer". Or Cartier, with its perfume "l’Heure Brillante"A combination of the acidity of lemon and gin. And last but not least, the illustrious Tom Ford fragrance "Black Orchid"It's a combination of rum-soaked black plum and black orchid.

Combining perfume and strong alcohols gives an added olfactory dimension surprising

Sparkling flower: a new bubble

Take an in-depth look at the world of spirits with our exclusive champagne by Le Studio des Parfums, in association with a winemaker.

Available as an optional extra, add some sparkle to your olfactory workshop by choosing the Sparkling Flower. This champagne has notes inspired by perfumery, such as jasmine and peach. The champagne is served chilled at your workshop.

Discover the secret of these exceptional notes that give this drink its balance and finesse.

champagne blanc de blanc

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