Emotion and Perfume

l'émotion et le parfum

Nothing is more personal than the sense of smell. We all perceive odors in very different ways. The same scent can evoke two opposite reactions depending on the person smelling it. 

Smell and touch are our two most direct and sensitive senses. Smell is even more intense and directly triggers memories, sometimes from very distant times.

l'émotion et le parfum

A complex and often immediate sense, we often find ourselves saying "I like" or "I don't like" spontaneously, without even understanding the reasons behind it. 

Describing an image or a shape is much easier than describing what we smell. There is no exact word, just a complex blend of emotions. It's an intense emotional reaction, conscious or unconscious, but mostly challenging to decipher. Sometimes, even the connection with the past isn't immediately apparent.

A perfume is built upon our olfactory memory, it's primarily a memory, thus an emotion.

Since childhood, we create an olfactory universe, a personal world of scents, nourished by our unique characteristics and experiences.

A fragrance can also express a mood and evolve in the mind of the one who smells it. 

To put it simply: smells and emotions are stored in the same area of the brain. That's why a memory is more strongly anchored in our mind if it's associated with a smell. It directly recalls a moment, in a clear and intense way, and lasts in our memory nearly three times longer than a visual memory.

To experience this emotion intensely, all you need to do is create your own personal fragrance.

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