Grasse, world capital of perfume

Grasse capitale mondiale du parfum
pétales de rose parfum
parfum et savoir faire français
Grasse berceau du parfum

Located 12 kilometers north of Cannes, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Southern Alps, the town of Grasse is a true cradle of scents. Its mild and cultivation-friendly climate has also allowed for the preservation of precious, delicate, and sometimes distant raw materials for a long time. 

A true little paradise for the kings of France during that time, Grasse witnessed the development of its local craftsmanship, particularly through oil mills, tanneries, and soap factories. This fine savoir-faire and unparalleled expertise were recognized across regions and eras.

Thanks to optimal environmental conditions for the growth of certain plants, like the famous Rose de Grasse and Jasmine, this charming French town has witnessed the evolution and takeoff of its perfume industry. It has become the global capital of perfume today.

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