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Design your own fragrance: your exclusivity !

The ultimate experience in Paris : your customized perfume

In Paris - Le Marais : The Studio des Parfums, design your own scent !!

Imagine, smell and create an exclusive fragrance ..

Your deep emotion as a perfume ..

The perfumist organ with 180 exlusives essences

You will access the magical world of perfume making through our fragrance creator organ.


Since 2007, the aim of the Studio des Parfums is to help you create your own scent.
Alone or in small group, you can create a unique fragrance, while coached by the fragrance advisor.
You can build your fragrance with every smell you want and like, you are the artist and the organ is your tool.

The perfume recipe is established, balanced and evaluated by the fragrance advisor then kept so you can order refills of your own scent.
You get out of the Studio with an exclusive, elegant and sophisticated fragrance, from the high end finest french perfumery.


Galimard, our partner is the oldest perfume maker in France, established in 1747.

Located in Grasse, known as the worldwilde capital of perfumes, Galimard provides us the best quality based on tradition.

Le Studio des parfums in Paris is located in the fashion district of Paris, le Marais.

3 differents formulas to discover the magic world of perfume making :

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