Who are we ?

Our ambition and our means:
The detail makes the excellence but the excellence is not a detail- (Léonard de vinci) –

Let you discover the world of perfumery while allowing you to express the artistic part that is within you to create a unique work: Your custom perfume.
In this perspective and for greater control of quality and greater control of integration, we set up our own formulation laboratory from the ground up 6 years ago to be able to offer you notes created by us, aligning with current regulations.
To bring you ever more unique notes, more imprinted with the signature of the Studio des parfums – Paris in the tradition of French high perfumery.
We think we can be proud to say that we are the only ones in our category to have an internal laboratory with 6 perfumers solely dedicated to wanting to bring the best and the novelty every day.

Team: The two most important things do not appear on the balance sheet of the company: its reputation and its men.

Henry Ford Tel is our wish with our teams. Perfumery is a profession that requires time, experience and advanced skills, with meticulous and daily work. In this perspective, our perfumers follow a double course: a university education at Master level with a license mainly in chemistry and a specialization Master in fine perfumery in universities such as that of Versailles or Le Havre, as well as in perfume schools of first rank such as ISIPCA or ESP. They then follow internal training at the Perfume Studio for several months as well as one or more internal specializations to understand the structure of classic and fashionable perfumes (Formulation, Reformulation of missing perfumes, Regulations, Formulation for workshops) and finally.. you.