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Le Studio des Parfums supports "Darius."

partenariat darius
piece de theatre darius au lucernaire

Le Studio des Parfums sponsors the theater play Darius.

Perfume, that magical essence that touches our deepest souls, becomes the protagonist of a moving story in the famous play Darius. Inspired by a true story and brought to life by the pen of Jean-Benoît Patricot.

Darius is much more than an ordinary play. It's a captivating sensory journey that takes you into a world of dreams and intense emotions. 

darius et le studio des parfums

A surprising and fascinating story

Claire entrusts Paul, a master perfumer, with a mission as delicate as it is crucial: to offer her son, Darius, the chance to rediscover the emotions he experienced on numerous trips with his mother. Leur arme secrète ? Cette essence délicate, vibrante, presque intangible, un fugace instant de mémoire, tel que l’a décrite Marcel Proust : perfume

Darius: a rendezvous with the extraordinary

Join us for a poignant performance by Darius, where perfume becomes much more than an object, where he is the ultimate link between a mother's heart and her son's. A relationship so deep, it will resonate with you long after the curtain has come down. 

le studio des parfums sponsorise la piece de theatre darius
telethon projet rse animation parfum

A genuine commitment

We are happy to actively support causes that are close to our hearts and that reflect our core values. By organizing charity events and donating part of our profits to partner associations, we make a concrete contribution to these causes.

In this sense, this play offers us a further opportunity to reinforce our commitment and achieve our societal objectives.

Le Studio des Parfums invites you to : 

Théâtre Lucernaire - 75006 Paris

From March 6 to April 28, 2024, 

Tuesday to Saturday at 9 p.m. and Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

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