Originally from China, Lily of the Valley not only symbolizes the return of good weather, but also the return of happiness in the language of flowers. Lilly of the valley

To celebrate the new season, the white flower is offered in France, on May 1st, for labor day.

Huge celebrities such as Christian Dior made it the emblem of his prestigious fashion house. Lily of the valley is an elegant white flower that looks like small bells, that are particularly fragrant.

Floral note par excellence, lily of the valley is mainly used in perfumery as a heart note, but rarely in its natural form, because it is impossible to make an essential oil of this extremely delicate flower. That’s why perfumers call it the “dumb flower”.

According to Greek mythology, Apollo would have covered the soil of Mont Parnasse with this flower, so that the muses do not damage their feet. The first fragrances with the lily of the valley are:
François Coty’s Muguet des Bois, made by the Nose Henri Robert, then the “muguet du Bonheur” by Caron.

Diorissimo, soliflore fragrance was also a real success.

We also find the flower in the following scents: Anaïs Anaïs Cacharel, Givenchy III, Eau de Campagne Sisley or the famous Beige by Chanel.

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