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Do you want to give your loved one a special, engaging, and fun experience? At the Studio des Parfums, we give you the opportunity to introduce your loved one to the captivating world of crafting their own perfume.

During this 1-hour private virtual consultation with one of our expert perfumers, your guest will discover our olfactory perfume with us.



Discover our workshop carried out exclusively online and discover the unknown world of niche perfumes.

In this 1 hour 30 minutes workshop, your guest will have an exchange with our perfumer so that he can identify your olfactory profile. The perfumer will ask your guest different questions to know you more to offer you a perfume that matches your identity and personality. This unique experience will be an opportunity for your guest to know more about your olfactory personality. Post this interaction, we will create 3 samples and send them to your guest.

To get you a perfect perfume, your guest can pick these samples from our boutique or we can deliver it to them. They need to choose one of the three samples and we will make your guest a 30mL. We will keep your guest’s formula and associate it with their creation number so that they can reorder their fragrance in future.

More information

  • The workshops are conducted in French and English.
  • Remote workshop (Video)
  • Duration of the workshop: 1 hour
  • Following the workshop, 3 samples will be sent to you and 30ml perfume is made
  • All our compositions comply with the regulations in place
  • Deadlines for the delivery of gift vouchers: Day+1/Day+2
  • The automatic sending email of the gift voucher takes place between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. - If you do not provide a precise time


  • Reservations for the workshops that are scheduled on weekdays are movable up to 48 hours before the actual date. Reservations for the workshops on weekends and holidays are neither cancellable nor movable unless there is a valid justifiable reason.   
  • Once the order has been placed, you have 14 days from the order date to make your refund request. Please send your refund request to the email address: You need to make a request before 14 days to get it considered.

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