The olfactory facets

The aldehydic facet

Aldehydes are synthetic molecules we can naturally find in citrus zests. In a perfume, the aldehydic facet brings a metallic aspect to the scent, with a little bit of an oily background odor, soapy, and more or less orange. It gives a fresh and powerful wake to a fragrance. 

The amber facet

It’s all about accords with « balsamic » notes. The perfume which represents the best this facet is the very famous Shalimar by Guerlain. Amber fragrances really offer a « second-skin » effect, making the scent at the same time addictive and sensual.

The leather facet

The firsts leather fragrances were made in Grasse by the gloves masters, infusing their leather scraps. This facet gives to a perfume a sensual and animal complexion, with soft and hot smells, sometimes almost feline and particularly opulent. Some leather perfumes can remind even an invisible fur or can simply be a reference to equestrian harnesses of the bourgeois. They are mostly powerful fragrances, with a strong character, perfect for those who like heady and bold scents. 

The spicy facet

This facet is based on spicy mixes, with teasing notes, intense and with a marked personality. The fragrances are bitter and sweet at the same time, perfect for those looking for originality and differentiation. The spicy facet is easily recognizable in some perfumes, such as « La fin du monde » by the niche perfumery État Libre d’Orange. 

The fruity facet

This facet is made of various fruits aromas, with a natural and soft touch. Fruity notes in perfumery allow excellent mixes and can make a fragrance a bit more modern, with light and a delicious connotation. Mostly present in the women’s Eaux de Parfum, the trend is lately about red fruits, melon, peach, and also the very famous and well-knew apple. The fruity facet allows creating perfumes that are at the same time innocent and sweet. They are more and more present in the market, perfect for young targets, competing with floral fragrances. 

The sweet facet

The very first of this new family of perfume is Angel by Thierry Muggler. The idea is to have a fragrance with scents that looks like something we could eat, something tasty, sweet as a dessert. Now it’s a real trend ! We can find more and more sweet fragrance in the perfumery market, especially with accord as base notes. Sweet perfumes gives a delicious skin effect, to bite, made of an overdose of ethyl maltol, which creates a sugar effect, almost like cotton-candy. For example, La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain is based on a « macaron » accord, for the sweetest perfume ! 

The musky facet

Natural notes, with aphrodisiac properties, the musc is an intense smell, animal, with a clean effect, passionate and particularly marked. It allows you attract the opposite gender. Its wake is strong, intense, freshly sensual. CkOne, a unisex fragrance by Calvin Klein, is based on a musky accord.

The powdered facet

The powdered facet make us directly think about the Iris. Fine and elegant flower, it brings a soft effect, a bit like a cotton sensation in the smell. This can remind the traditional rice powders used in Asian beauty rituals. The viole also, allows a touch of powder in a fragrance. 

The green facet

This facet is a direct reminder to leaves and roots, to greenery. Based on natural vegetal elements, it brings to a perfume a touch of fresh and clean softness. Really in the trend, green fragrances are modern, young, nature and eventually unisex. This facet integrates as well green fruits ans unripe fruits notes. One of its emblematic ingredient is the galbanum, offering a sensation sometimes earthy, resinous, matching perfectly with a floral or a chypré. 

The marine facet

It’s all about bright, aquatic, iodized or ozonated notes, that can make think about the sea or the beach smell, or even trying to imitate the inexistent « smell of water ». Perfumes with this facet are perfect for summer or hot countries, they are particularly neutral. In this idea, we have for example l’Eau  d’Issey by Issey Miyake or l’Acqua by Rem.