Perfume and emotions

Nothing is more personal than the smelling sense. We all perceive the odors very differently. A same one smell can provoke two opposite reactions depending on who’s is smelling it.

Smell and touch are our more direct and sensitive senses. Smell is even more intense, because it leads directly to memories, sometimes very old ones.

Very complex sense that can get radical. Sometimes we surprise ourselves saying « i like » or « i don’t like » spontaneously, without even understanding the reasons.

It’s much more easier to describe an image or a form than explaining what we smell. There is no right or wrong word, it’s only a mix of emotions. It’s a emotional reaction, intense, conscious or unconscious, but not very easy to decrypt. The link with the past is not always made directly. 

A perfume is based in the olfactory memory. It’s, before everything, a remember, so an emotion.

Since childhood, we create our own olfactory universe, a world of personal scents, completed with our particularities and experiences.

A fragrance can also translate a mood, but also evolve in one’s mind. 

To make it simple : the smells are the emotions are stocked in the same place of the brain. This is why a remember is extremely intense when it’s linked to a specific odor. Smelling something can send our mind to a very precise moment of our life, that last in the memory third time more than a basic one.