The flask

A flask is not only a container that also protect perfume. It’s a very precious and personal object, that some like to collection, as a real master-piece.

In Antique Egypt, dead bodies were buried with their own perfume flasks to guide them in their afterlife trip.

For the Greeks and Romans, flasks used to be personalized, with painting, decorations, patterns, made with seashell and various precious stones.

In the Middle Ages, the flask is still a very prestigious item ; richly adorned… there is even some in porcelain, a true trend of the time ! 

In the beginning go the XXe century, the flask is taking another dimension. We truly have what we can call « art-flasks », particularly delicate and well-worked, and also made by the greatest crystal makers of the time such as Lalique or Baccarat.

Nowadays, the perfumery market is full of a ton of original flasks and bottles propositions. Classical  to abstract or even provocative… there is some for all the budgets and personalities. 

The ideal size for a fragrance is 30ml or 50ml. Then, we can have a cute little flask, easy to transport and not too bulky.

The Studio des Parfums offers some art flasks for your perfumed creations. In crystal, Murano glass, decorated with gold or silver sheets, mouth-blown… a wonderful set to sublime your signature scent.