the varieties of perfume

Olfactory preferences diverge and take sometimes very different directions depending on the region of origin or habits of a person.

Now all kinds of fragrance proposals are flooding the perfume market. We can find some specific varieties for all ages, tastes, personalities, seasons…

For the summer, this is the fresh and citrusy (hespéridés) that are particularly appreciated, as the bergamot fruit, grapefruit, or lime. The white flower accords are also very popular during the hottest periods, such as lily of the valley, gardenia, tuberose or jasmine …

During the winter, its the powerful fragrances, almost bewitching, that are liked. The notes that please the most at that time are the ones with warm and sensual connotations. We can have more marked smells, with oriental, spicy, and also sweet smells. 

In terms of wake power, the differences in the composition is playing a main role : Eau de Toilette is fresh and light, and particularly appreciated by young women or the discrete ones. Eau de Parfum / Perfume is more marked by its smell is stronger. They allow us to keep a pleasant smell all day long on the skin or the clothes. 

And, the perfume, the purest form of it, is more concentrated than the previous compositions, and is used in smaller quantities. Sometimes, a few drops only is enough !