The fragrance's world

Since Antiquity, perfume is taking an important place in men’s nature and lives. The word « perfume » is coming from the latin « per fume » which means « by the smoke », in reference of the smoking essences and its powerful smell during the antique rituals and divine cults. 

In the Middle Ages, perfumery is not that present anymore, but since the Renaissance, it comes back in the front of the stage, thanks to the nobles ones using perfume to cover their unpleasant body smell. The Europeans explorers too are back in their countries with new raw materials to exploit, like cocoa, vanilla, or tobacco…

At the time, perfume is tailored, essentially thanks to new raw materials carefully selected, for a privileged population. The flask is a very precious, artistic and personal object, personalized too, that the bourgeois of this time used to appreciate filling at their favorite perfumery. 

Thereafter, the precious Versailles kings turned perfumery to a real lifestyle, according to the « etiquette » and the French luxurious way of life. Then, Grasse becomes the world capitale of perfumery, with its fields full of growing flowers, and the exceptional quality of the raw materials.

Also, it’s at that time that the perfumers are starting to settle in Paris to allow the French nobility to appreciate sweet accessories combined to perfume or dyes, as perfumed gloves for example. And, finally, in 1956, the « corporation of glovers French perfumers » borns. 

At the XIXe century, this is the « modern era of perfumery ». Perfumers are selling series of flasks, creating ranges of products and also recognizable scents… it’s not only gloves, cases, and perfumed accessories anymore, it’s from now a genuine proposition ; a unique fragrance, with its own flasks and evocative name.

Between 1900 and 1950, it’s the « Belle Époque » of perfumery. Appear the ones we consider today as the « classics », some real perfumery monuments, as the very famous Shalimar by Guerlain. 

The couturiers are interested by the perfume too as an authentic fashion component. We can cite the mythic N°5 by Chanel, Miss Dior or L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci… real stars of their era ! Soon, all of them wants their own fragrance and got it, as a real piece of elegance to complete an outfit. 

Starting at the years 2000, and still today, there is a real democratization of the perfume. Ready-to-wear shops even offer their owns. It becomes an essential seduction tool, declinable in various forms and products, for the olfactory pleasure of all.