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A perfume is a genius mix between the art world and the senses world. 
Chemistry, melted with creativity allowed us today to create some real olfactory master-pieces, which have marked us through the places and the time. 
Perfumery impose itself, being full of sense, art, and representative of our modern era. It evolves and renew itself, for our biggest olfactory pleasure.

Murano bottle made by hand in our partner workshop in Venice-Murano. Our pieces are exclusive and they are unique. For quantities ranging from 30 ml, 50ml, 100ml, .. For more information call us directly at 0140299084

50,00 €

A souvenir from PARIS-HAUTE PARFUMERIE Scented Candle by Studio des Parfums. A candle ambery fragrance slighty sweet, warm,cocooning in or pot During 45-60h Weight 180g

35,00 €
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