Customized Fragrance workshop

Have you ever dreamed of a perfume, made just for you?

Even the smallest thing has its own smell. Scents and emotions meddle and respond to each other. Are we not talking about "feelings" when we evoke the smell of love, of desire or maybe just the smell of friendship? A perfume follows the same partition of a song, each note is in harmony with the others. The child is also sensitive to smell. Growing up, certain scents will become his "Madeleine de Proust". In the heart of the Marais, we invite you to participate in an olfactory workshop to introduce you to different flavors and essences. A perfumer-advisor reveals his secrets between the magical world of volatile spirits and ethereal scents.

Our different program are based on exclusive alliance of notes and allow you to discover the world of sents, and makje youre unique perfume.

A perfum advisor walk you through, share his expertise, experience and offer you a perfect harmony.

At the end of the perfume workshop you will leave with a bottle containing your creation.
All the notes coming from Grasse and the house Galimard, the oldest perfumer in France, established in 1747.
At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a bottle containing your olfactory creation.

A souvenir from PARIS-HAUTE PARFUMERIE Scented Candle by Studio des Parfums. A candle ambery fragrance slighty sweet, warm,cocooning in or pot During 45-60h Weight 180g

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